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Port Gibson Baptist Church Peru Missions Interested in a Mission Trip to Peru? Contact our church at Pgbc@portgibsonbaptistchurch.com or 601.437.5550

. . .I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it would move. . . .” Matthew 17:20.

PGBC Peru Trips

In January 2004 twenty-four people traveled to Peru for our first mission trip. What they saw changed their lives. Since then many in our church have returned to Peru to see the wonders and grace of God.

Our Story – Cucso, Peru   (pdf file) (Music as you read--by Larry)(Song #2)

Members of the first mission trip visited a boys orphanage (ELIM meaning Oasis) in Cusco, Peru. The director, Nilda Escobar and son, Jeremy, had been praying with the children that God would help them and bless them. Each day Elim was open to any child who needed food, care, guidance, homework help, a bed, etc. Girls and boys were welcomed. Many of the children were orphans and lived on the street. (Cusco has over 1000 street children who fight for survival every day.) At night the girls were turned away to return to the streets because there were no facilities for the girls. This burdened the members of this mission trip. They returned to Port Gibson with a heavy heart. Many prayed, “How can we help these girls?”

God spoke and in September 2004, two members from our church returned to Peru with money to purchase a girls’ house. Talitha Cumi (little girl get up) was founded and now has 15 girls. The 5-story building has dorm rooms for girls and 3 apartments for volunteers and mission teams. Each apartment has 3 bedrooms, bath, and common area.

In 2009, our church voted to fund a new boys’ orphanage. The conditions in the old orphanage were unsatisfactory.  Our money would only fund the demolition of the original building and the construction of one floor of a five-story orphanage. Jeremy Cuba, director, designed the new building with a vision that could only come from God. Goodwill Industries of North Carolina heard about Jeremy’s plan and saw God’s hand in the plans, so they funded the construction of the other four floors. The boys have recently moved into the orphanage.

Just a quick view—bottom floor, chapel; 2nd floor, classrooms, library, kitchen, and medical clinic; 3rd floor, boys dorm; 4th floor, 14 volunteers rooms/baths; and 5th floor, two extended-stay apartments. This building will also serve the children and adults of the area. Each day after school the neighborhood children can come to Elim to find refreshments, help with homework, and tutoring. On Sundays, the chapel will open for Sunday School and Sunday morning worship and serve the people of the neighborhood, Zarzuela. The Zarzuela neighborhood is on the mountain above Cusco, Peru. Many are intimidated by the people of Cusco and hesitate to travel down the mountain to church.



Members of our church have traveled to Cusco about 10 times where we have done small construction projects and led neighborhood Bible Schools. One member went for an extended stay, lodged in the girls’ orphanage, and taught English. This past March, four PGBC church members returned to Peru to help guide a medical/construction team of 22 Michigan people from three different churches. The medical team served over 500 people. Because of this mission, a contact was made with a local doctor for a medical surgical team to return to Cusco and perform surgery in a Peruvian medical clinic. In addition, they are dedicated to return often.

God is so good. There is no limit to his goodness.

Our Story Continues – San Ramon, Peru

On each mission trip to Peru, our guide, Jack Santos, has been there every step of the way. After a few mission trips to Cusco, God lead us to Jack’s home in San Ramon, which is in the jungle of Peru. Jack’s father began the first evangelical church in that area. Their services are a delight and joy with a spiritual uplifting that is truly a blessing. On the first trip our team noticed the children’s Sunday School was held in a "stable". After that trip, our church funded a building for the children. The building has Sunday School rooms, bathrooms with showers, and a kitchen. Close to 100 children worship each week. Vacation Bible School attendance is more than 200 children.

This church in San Ramon is vital to that area. Pastor Paul and his ministry team accomplish much for the Lord. This church supports two men's soccer teams. This outreaching ministry not only provides a Christians fellowship for the team members but gives them an opportunity to share the Good News to many who have never heard about Jesus Christ.


San Ramon Sunday School Rooms

In Closing

Our church is dedicated to serving these two Peruvian missions. We travel there, we have fundraisers, we support them monthly, we communicate regularly, and we pray for them. We marvel at what God has done for them and us. Jeremy and the orphans, and Jack and his family (our guide) are our extended family. We love them. Even more amazing, they love us and pray daily for our church. They call us by name. Their love for our Lord is so faithful and trusting. God is working in our church and in our Peruvian missions. We give all the glory to Him. Our tribute is to the Lord and as the hymn says, “. . . and should I gain any praise, Let it go to Calvary . . . to God be the Glory for the things He has done.”

Peru is in our blood and deep in our hearts. As soon as a team returns from a mission, we are thinking about the next mission trip. Our faith has expanded and we marvel at what we have seen accomplished in Peru. If you would like learn more about the Peru mission or would like to go on a mission trip, contact the church office. We love to share what God has done for us.

Our God is an Awesome God!



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